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These days much is said about the importance of search engine optimisation. We all want to be listed at the top of Google or Bing. If you are based in Manchester, and your business targets local customers, then being visible at the top of a search query could be essential to your bottom line.

SEO is a complicated process. It’s about raising your visibility on search engines. But it’s also about being visible to the right customers. It’s about understanding how to use SEO techniques to attract new customers and how to have the right website to convert those visitors into paying customers.

At Nula Media, we have years of experience in supporting Manchester businesses and helping them to improve their search engine presence. We have a proven history of helping small and medium-sized businesses, start-ups, and freelancers to attract and retain new leads to grow their businesses.

Our approach is to use SEO in conjunction with your wider digital strategies. We understand that being at the top of Google is only the start of that customer journey. We know how to attract new traffic and how to guide them along your sales funnel through a wide range of techniques, including UX design, conversion rate optimisation techniques, content planning, and link-building strategies.

In short, we know how to attract, retain, and convert those leads in a seamless way that will have an enormous impact on your business.

We offer SEO services to businesses in Manchester

If you’ve landed on this page, you will likely have searched for something like “SEO Manchester” or “SEO services company in Manchester.” Perhaps you’ve searched for “freelance SEO Manchester” or “Manchester SEO expert.”

The purpose of an effective SEO strategy is to make sure that your business is featuring at the top of the rankings, regardless of what phrasing has been input into the initial search query. These phrases above may seem similar, but you could be surprised to see that each search query could generate vastly different responses in the listings.

One of the reasons why clients choose to work with Nula Media is because we take a planned and cohesive approach to our SEO services. While search engine visibility is a key element of your campaign, it’s just as important to ensure that you are doing something with your newly acquired traffic. That’s why we focus on ensuring that your business attracts the right customers from the very outset. It means that you can feel confident that you are generating a positive return on your investment.
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Our approach to local SEO services

If you’re looking for a Manchester-based SEO agency, it is likely because you want to use someone local who knows the area well.

Our head office is based in Manchester. We have built a reputation for working well with small and medium-sized businesses and enterprising start-ups to offer affordable yet effective SEO services.

At Nula Media, we approach all of our clients individually.

First, we focus on getting to know you as a business. We learn about what you do and why you are different from your competitors. Next, we take the time to understand your customers. From here, we identify your pressing priorities and discover your immediate and long-term business goals. This allows us to create highly effective and targeted SEO strategies that have proven results.

Our SEO services begin with an initial audit to see your current search engine rankings and search engine performance. This audit allows us to see your strengths and identify any areas for improvement. We use this data to benchmark your progress and to help you visibly track any improvements in your search engine optimisation campaigns.

What SEO services do we offer?

Search Engine Optimisation is a broad term that encapsulates a wide range of techniques. At Nula Media, we will discuss what we think are the right tactics for your business. We promise no technical jargon; instead, you will feel confident that you know what we are doing and why.

We want to see local Manchester businesses thrive. That starts with ensuring that your business can be found in the right place by the right customers.

Our SEO services include:
Content strategies (helping to ensure that you are publishing the right content, checking to see which pages are indexed, and making sure there is no duplicated content)
Content writing (making sure that any content is professionally written and aligned with the correct keywords)
Conversion rate optimisation (we confirm that once traffic is directed to your site, it can be converted into paying customers)
Link building (driving direct traffic to your site from external websites)
Local search (confirming that your Manchester SEO search presence is consistent)
Mobile SEO (checking that your website is optimised for a mobile-first approach)
Page SEO (ensuring that your site has the right metadata, page descriptions, titles, and correct tags to adhere to best practices)
Paid advertising (using PPC techniques to drive traffic to your website)
Technical SEO support (ensuring that your website is built correctly)

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